Left 4 Dead 3 Mods

The Natural Progression After L4D2

I started Left 4 Dead 3 Mods after a few years of running a modded L4D2 server. Everybody knows how much fun it is when it comes to customizing the L4D series. Yea that’s right. I’m talking to you – because you know that you love mods. Being able to download and install mods turns the game into your own personal creation. Well, at least for me it did and that’s why I put this site together. Customization is what keeps the entertainment going for years instead of weeks and this is why addons are so popular for this particular series. Left4Dead3Mods.Com is dedicated to bringing you the best L4D3 mods. As this series progresses and more information is released, I will do my best to stay on top of it and post what’s hot and what’s not.

From weapon skins to custom music, models to maps and campaigns – you can find it all right here. We all know that playing the same video game can become boring… or can it? The re-play value of Valve’s games are fantastic. Take a look at their titles and you will understand why.

It’s the community that brings the game-play together and without that community, we wouldn’t have very much at all. In fact, Left 4 Dead 3, L4D2 and the original L4D are all a custom mod of the original Half Life / Source Engine anyways – so who is to say that mods are stupid? In playing L4D over the years, you begin to see a pattern with a lot of people who join public games or games that you host on your server (as in my case).

More than 90% of the time, the initial reaction of someone joining a modded server will be “this is f***ing garbage”. You know what? They are probably right most of the time, because a lot of the mods I have seen are not put together in a nice way.

Personally, this stigma that plagues modded servers (and mods in general) is a result of server admins who don’t have a good grasp of combining modifications. There are terrible modded servers and then there are awesome servers…. I guess I’m biased towards mine 🙂

What Makes A Good Modded Left 4 Dead 3 Server?

  • Playable with more than 8+ (we typically do 5 vs 5 up to 10 vs 10… beyond that it gets crazy from a talking perspective.. but still a ton of fun)
  • More weapons (imported Counterstrike weapons)
  • All melee weapons on all maps
  • Visual effects (flares, lighting)
  • More challenging special infected
  • Various tweaks and slight adjustments

How It Began

I remember first starting out with Left 4 Dead 2 and after many months, I decided to play on a few modded servers. My initial reaction was the same as I just explained. I thought it was utter sh*t and couldn’t wait to find a vanilla server again. I hardly ever play vanilla now though (official non-modded server for those who don’t understand what the term “vanilla” means). In fact, official servers are extremely boring after playing modded servers for a couple years. Don’t believe me? Add me on steam and see for yourself.

So what’s the real reason behind the mod addiction? In a simple word, creativity. Taking the awesome game of Left 4 Dead and tweaking it to your playing style is awesome.  It’s a lot of work and comes with a ton of frustration, but in the end it is worth it.

The community aspect of L4D2 is what has kept the game going for so long and for so many people. If it wasn’t for the friends made and the ability to customize the server I have, I highly doubt I would be playing to this day.

Imagine if you could actually modify the game-play to make it more interesting and not just throw a bunch of random crap onto a server and expect players to enjoy it. I thought to myself, what if I could make the game unique and more enjoyable, but still maintain the original server feel without ruining gameplay? That is the big difference and it is a vital difference between further enhancing the game and turning it into a giant piece of you know what.

Example Mods Running On Current L4D2 Server

Everything has to have a sense of taste and style. You can’t simply add a plugin to your L4D server that allows survivors to fly and expect everybody to join your Steam group. It just doesn’t work that way. On the server I own and manage, there are a good number of plugins, probably 30+ off the top of my head. Do you want to know the big factor at play here? All of the plugins work together and make the game more challenging, enjoyable and entertaining.

Tip: If running your own server, compile the plugin locally on the version of Sourcemod you are running.

New Infected Changes

The charger moves faster, the spitter projectile shoots much quicker and with less arc, the jockey is more agile, the smoker can release its tongue and move while smoking, and the boomer can walk around while booming. This kind of thing is just the tip of the iceberg and this is what makes L4D maps and mods a whole lot of fun.

Don’t get me wrong, plowing through No Mercy, Dead Center, The Parish, and all of the other campaigns with 4 people on a team is great fun, but to be able to joke around with 12 or 16 people in a versus match is 5x more enjoyable (think Battlefield L4D), especially when everyone is using a headset (I am partial to the Siberia V2 headset myself, but each to their own).

If you haven’t truly experienced playing the Left 4 Dead series with mods and customizations, I highly urge you to send me a friend invite on Steam. You will get a lot more enjoyment out the game and the best part of it all is that you will have a lifelong set of gaming buddies 🙂

Server vs Client Side Mods

Keep in mind that some addons may only be server side. Mods you download which come in a .vpk format are meant to be placed in your “addons” folder of your game’s folder. Some mods cannot be installed locally (sourcemod plugins in the .smx format).

For example, one of my favorite plugins is the Flares and Lights package for L4D2. What this essentially does is allow players to customize the color of the flashlight on their belt and also gives them the ability to put down a flare. It’s eye candy, it adds cool visuals to the game and doesn’t take away from the feel of how the game should be played.

This is how mods should be used. These kind of additions require a server running Sourcemod and MetaMod and you wouldn’t be able to use this feature unless you play on a modded server.

Hopefully this long rant gave you an idea into the world of Left 4 Dead modding. If you have any questions about the mods on this site or wish to add your custom creation to the list of stuff on here, feel free to contact me. If you have spent time creating any Left 4 Dead 3 mods, or addons for L4D2 or even the original, it is worth your time to share that creation with everyone else. You deserve recognition for your work. So let’s get excited about game number 3. Come on Valve, you can do it! Noob-on fellow gamer… noob-on.